February 9th, 2010

Stallion heart, Mother of Dragons

Really? Please say you were kidding so we can be friends...

So there is a guy in my Structure of ASL class. (Note: there are 7 people in my class 1 is male). Any who he's really nice, kinda fun, I'm pretty sure he's gay. Yay Gays! But my teacher referenced George Washington crossing the Potomac. This rather lovely boy didn't get it... he didn't know that it had happened. I honestly almost got up and slapped him.

I now understand why Florida College's (at least VCC) requires you to take a government class for any degree. Blows my mind about that. Their is a damn famous painting or even if he said Crossing the Delaware instead or something. 

I went to the super bowl. It was epic. I will post pictures up soon. I got about 10 feet from J. Lo and Mark Anthony... awesome. Jim Carey, Jenny McCarthy, and Chelsea Hander were a few rows back in a suite... also awesome. The game was great and though i was cheering for the Colts I was glad the Saints won. They deserved it (especially since the Colts defense was as strong as a drunk 4 year old). And I heard this a billion times at the game and though it was a bit annoying it's fucking contagious...

I love football, and now it's over. Now I shall wait for baseball. Sadly, I will not be able to see my Brewer's on television very often. 

Valentine's day is coming get me a squishable and chocolate. You all need to organize so no one gets me 2 of the same squishable... team work is what this is about.  xoxox
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