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When it's all over.

 Once this AA school crap is over I'm gonna take a trip.

I'm gonna go to Iceland and have a grand time. I need to re-evaluate some shit. I have so many questions, so few answers and leaving the country sounds like a good plan. I can decide everything later. 
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Guess whose a Webcomic Junkie with a new Addiction....


It's got stoner angels, a manticore with a love for boy bands and finding inner peace, a girl who loves to rock, a drunk minotaur landlord, and a karmically screwed man who is destined to burn in the eternal fires of hell (unless he does something about it). 

This comic has everything... "really meg? everything?" you may ask... YES IT HAS EVERYTHING. It makes me very happy.

It updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. Go to the archives and read read read. You will not be disappointed. I've gotten one person hooked on it (that I'm aware of) and many more must join suit! 

(If you listen to WPRK on Wednesday nights around 9pm -like you should be- you have heard me talk about it.)

(meet skittles If you click on him he will show you the comic he is in... he love you but not as much as the backstreet boys)

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Boobquake and My brain

Yup... it's boobquake day. I participated and got a few looks... it was nice. Want to know what it is? BOOBQUAKE!  That girl did it and it's awesome. 

Also... I might be getting a horse. Something quiet, easy to get along with, laid-back, and well calm. I'm riding one for a 2nd time tomorrow and I really like him. More details to come.

This all has sparked within me the need to exercise more and eat better. I eat okay right now but I need to exercise more. My fear is that I will go crazy and be obsessive about it (like I used to be). I know exactly what to do and what not to do (since i've done the research, seen the doctors, and worked with AT's/PT's). Maybe I'll let myself obsess a tiny bit just to curb the craziness. My brain is like AHHH you need to do this, this, this, this, this, and that and then calculate this and percentages of that and blah blah blah. We'll see how it goes. 

My hand kinda hurts. It sucks. When I use my right index finger it hurts. Finger spelling is a bitch. It's kinda swollen... I'm sure it will go away and the pain will stop. Eventually. 
Oh yeah... 3 more exams and then a week long break to visit Milwaukee. Good times.

updates will happen soonish. 

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(no subject)

My brain doesn't like me. It's totally official. I'm pretty sure my brain is commandeering my body and using it against me. I'm either really laid back, calm, relaxed, pain-free... OR stressed, thinking about everything (and i mean everything. good, bad, horrible, or great), anxious, and in pain/uncomfortable. It sucks... a lot. I have doctors telling me what's wrong and what's going on but then I have others that are saying that is wrong. Can they just get their shit together and maybe I don't know compromise before I give up on them all.

The doctor's aren't my issue. My brain is. It's an evil vengeful monster that must be stopped! I want a new one, a better one. One that will I don't know help me make SMART decisions. Like that whole "move back to Milwaukee thing" was the WORST idea I could have ever made. Yes, I made pretty okay new friends but it was not worth the weight gain, the loss of the best boyfriend I ever had, and amazing group of friends I had, or the mental distress, and drop in GPA.

I want to go back in time and re-write that part of my life. I wish I had never gone back to that place. It was stupid. I'm 21 years old and I have screwed up hard. People say, "don't worry you'll figure it out it will be okay" and I want those people to shut the fuck up for like a minute. Yes, It'll get figured out eventually and things eventually will be "okay"... maybe. But for right now I hate everything. I have no friends, I don't like meeting new people, i'm at "school" that I hate with a horrible passion, I can't stand the way I look, and nothing makes me happier than sleeping. Let's all get out our DSM IV 's and have fun. And what's funny, is I haven't developed a drinking problem or a drug problem.

I'm done... for now. I was told once I had anger problems, yes they are right. I wish I was someone better than me.
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Really? Please say you were kidding so we can be friends...

So there is a guy in my Structure of ASL class. (Note: there are 7 people in my class 1 is male). Any who he's really nice, kinda fun, I'm pretty sure he's gay. Yay Gays! But my teacher referenced George Washington crossing the Potomac. This rather lovely boy didn't get it... he didn't know that it had happened. I honestly almost got up and slapped him.

I now understand why Florida College's (at least VCC) requires you to take a government class for any degree. Blows my mind about that. Their is a damn famous painting or even if he said Crossing the Delaware instead or something. 

I went to the super bowl. It was epic. I will post pictures up soon. I got about 10 feet from J. Lo and Mark Anthony... awesome. Jim Carey, Jenny McCarthy, and Chelsea Hander were a few rows back in a suite... also awesome. The game was great and though i was cheering for the Colts I was glad the Saints won. They deserved it (especially since the Colts defense was as strong as a drunk 4 year old). And I heard this a billion times at the game and though it was a bit annoying it's fucking contagious...

I love football, and now it's over. Now I shall wait for baseball. Sadly, I will not be able to see my Brewer's on television very often. 

Valentine's day is coming get me a squishable and chocolate. You all need to organize so no one gets me 2 of the same squishable... team work is what this is about.  xoxox
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Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

So, I'm addicted to Firefly. I want to marry, sex, and sex again Nathan Fillion. Be friends with Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, and Alan Tudyk. Damn you Firefly.... DAMN YOU!

I hate my ASL class(and the damn "teacher"), my chemistry class isn't to painful.

I want a squishable like really want one. If you get me a T-Rex squishable I may love you forever. I heard that one of my favorite webcomic artists, Jeph Jacques (creator of Questionable Content) is making a yelling bird one and if so I really want that one but the T-Rex is from dinosaur comics which effing rocks! Who doesn't love dinosaur comics?

Okay, Just an update.... I start other classes in February and my sdfk;jd;fjao;iwef level's may rise and more angry posts here will grow. 
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SyFy Movie Marathon - FRAK!

SO Today I decided to watch the SyFy channel. It's a lovely lovely place especially when they have 3 movies in a row! yay! This is what happened.

First Movie:
In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)
This movie is SO bad. Like REALLY bad haha. It's got Orc things, Mages, Burt Reynolds(Who is the King), Wood-Fairy-Nymph things, A hottie, and weather pattern's that don't make sense. This movie has everything a random sword fight movie needs... except dragons and Jeremy Irons lol.

Second Movie:
Serenity (2005)
Alright, I shouldn't like this movie but I really enjoyed it. Enough that I want to watch Firefly. I've heard about 10 million arguments about Joss Whedon (writer and director) and how awesome or horrible he is. I can't say he's either but I did enjoy the movie for the most part. Some cheesy moments, but also some bitchin' violence (and if you know me, you know I love my bloody nasty violence). I like the characters for the most part, some more than others. This movie redeemed the SyFy channel for the day haha.

Last movie:
Battlestar Galactica: The Plan (2010) - watching it as i type.
Okay, so i've never watched BSG ever! So, to say i'm a little confused would be quite true. It's interesting but I could sum up the entire plot in about ten seconds:
"HOLY FRAK CYLON! I think think they are a Cylon! FRAK! But my feelings for... shoot stuff! Oh Gods! Frakking Frak! CYLON!"
Yes. that would be about right I think. Well, I'll keep watching who knows, maybe i'll turn out to love it. I am rooting for the Cylons though.... is that wrong? OH OH GOD I'M A CYLON!

BTW: I'm back in the WP.
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Ya know what mother fucker I can be a bitch too.

Has anyone ever had oops sex? Like the wrong guy/girl/situation/whatever? But if it was like less than 2 minutes does that count as sex? It got interrupted and I really don't want to count this guy.

Uhk. I feel like a Ho. I'm not a Ho... but I totally feel like I am.

I'm in Florida - I'm not excited about the New Year (whatever) - Sherlock Holmes rocked - I'm cranky - And all of you should listen to Talk Nerdy To Me on WPRK 91.5 on Wednesday night 9 pm(eastern) I'm on the show.

Also just a reminder - you know you love me... never deny it.
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