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Believing In What Can Still Be...

The Worst Things Are Not the Last Things


Don’t be afraid, that’s right, come on in. You will find things are all ease and comfort here, no pretentiousness. You have happened upon my little corner on the World-Wide-Web which you will see is just a little bit Harry Potter centric.

You will notice that I am an enthusiastic lover of all things Harry Potter. In addition to the books I love, reading Fan Fiction. I have written a few stories you can find by clicking on the "my stories" tag in the Tags box on the right hand side of my layout. I usually write for exchanges and fests because at present, a deadline seems to be the only way for me to force myself to post any writing. Nerves are the cause I hope. That and deciding what plot to write!

I am a lover of Slash Fan Fiction and my favorite pairings are Snarry = Harry/Severus and Harry/Draco. I also enjoy many other pairings and types of stories.

I also have an Insane Journal that you can find here

On Friending - You are free to "Friend Me." I am happy to "Friend Back" unless you are underage because my journal contains adult material. Currently, most of my posts are fandom related. I do not want to loose the friends I have by boring them with the details of my life! Unless you want details, in which case just ask. LOL It is always wonderful to meet new friends!!

Important Note: If you are Homophobic please leave this journal immediately!!!

Warning: This Journal contains Slash, which are male/male relations if you are not aware. Many of the stories linked here are rated NC-17. Therefore, if you have not reached your age of majority, which varies based on where you live, you need to use your back button and locate reading material suitable to your age.

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Disclaimer: All official images and mentions of people, places, objects, etc of the Harry Potter world are copyrighted to their appropriate owners -- Warner Brothers, J. K. Rowling, etc. I am making no profit.

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