All the important things

*Jeff has been accepted to UC Riverside, although he has an interview at UNC (Albany hasn't decided who they're interviewing yet). Riverside is the last place I want him to go. They are bribing him to come by buying him a plane ticket to California and taking him to Disneyland. I am completely dead serious.

*Zeke has been so good lately. He's so cute.

*School is going well. I'm currently writing a paper for my 600 project (sort of the equivalent of a masters thesis except I'm not going to defend it). I wrote a book review and edited another paper as well getting me 2nd author on that. So all is well on the publication front.

*For those of you who have been dying to hear what the next chapter in the Dana/Alison saga is, well it happened last night. I had just been ignoring her for a very long time, and yesterday she asked me why I hate her and have been ignoring her. I said I don't hate her, but that I decided that I don't want to speak with her, because everytime we attempt to make up, she begins yelling at me again and I didn't want to have to deal with that. She said she didn't understand what she had ever done to make me upset with her (uhh what??) and I said that she had said some things to me that had made me not want to speak with her, such as her telling me that I should care less about my dog and more about her. She looks at me and says "That's so ridiculous, I"M A PERSON, you should care about me more than a dog". I don't know how many of you have dogs, but it is absurd for her to say that. I said "That's right, he's a dog, he's MY dog, my responsibility, I don't have to take care of you, I don't even like you" and then she says to me "I can't believe you act like this. I can't imagine how you're ever going to become a psychologist when you act like this" and I looked at her and said "See, this is exactly why I don't want to speak with you. Everytime I do, you insult me and I don't want to speak with people who treat me this way. I'm done with it" and walked off. I did not once during the conversation insult her (except for when I said I don't like her, but I needed to prove my point to her at that point)..in fact, in the beginning of our conversation, I was going out of my way not to insult her or say anything to upset her. Jeff and some other people didn't understand why I didn't just try to work things out with her, but after I told Jeff the story he was like "yeah, this was not your fault, you did everything right. You can't win them all". hahaha. And so I still have no intention of speaking to her. The summer can't come soon enough. At least I realized yesterday that she's more uncomfortable in this situation than I am.

*On a positive note, I'm for sure moving in with 2 of my good friends this summer, Jason and Bianca. And Jeff, if he comes to Albany too.

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I can't sleep so I figured I'd finally write in here. Warning..it might be long. But then again you guys haven't heard from me in awhile, so you can take the time to read it :)

*Starting with the I can't sleep part...I've gotten out of my work sleep schedule, which was wake up at 6:45 or 7 and go to bed around 10, and I'm now in the wake up at 9 or 9:30 and go to bed at 12 or 1am. I honestly much prefer the work sleep schedule. It's so much more consistent (because now my waking up time can depend on a lot of things, namely what time exactly I have class and what time Zeke wakes up at and wants to be let outside and eat). But I also find it harder to fall asleep now at 12 or 1, which you would think would be counterintuitive compared to falling asleep at like 10. But I'm attributing it to the fact that I just have so much on my mind.

*Which leads me to grad school. There's just so much to do. Once you finish something, you're not done. Ever. There's still so many other things for you to do, and this just keeps going and going and going... I just had my first exam today which went alright. I think my research might start up in the next month and a half which would be nice. But then again once it starts I'll have even more to do. And I can't stand my statistics class.

*On a positive note, I had the best birthday I've had in years. Seriously. I have had ridiculously awful birthdays since I've moved out of California. These have included friends not wanting to hang out with me on my birthday, my birthday falling on Yom Kippur and my boyfriend not being able to hang out with me, and spending midnight of my 21st bday at home crying (these were all separate years too). Yeah, not good. But this year was different! And not even in any special way. It consisted of hanging out at my friend Christy's house with the rest of our classmates, watching the OC, eating cake, blowing out candles, everyone giving me a card that they'd signed, and drinking wine and margaritas. It was just nice that people cared enough to do the little things, like getting me a cake and singing happy birthday to me and JUST SHOWING UP!

*Albany's really not that bad.

*Even though I have a lot of work to do, I'm not stressed. I don't even feel overworked. I'm very good at time management I guess. I just know what needs to be done and when and I get it done. And I'm not a procrastinator, which I guess helps. So all in all, it's not bad. Yet.

Hmm..I don't know what else to write about, but I feel like there have to have been important things that have happened in the past few weeks. Ok, here's a quick list of them:
*Someone tried to steal $1000 from my checking account. Luckily the transaction ended up being declined but it still showed up on my online banking statement.
*I decided I like sushi. By sushi, I mean cucumber rolls and California rolls.
*I've been able to see Jeff every weekend. This weekend will be the first I won't have seen him because he's going to Atlantic City with his friends.
*Zeke knows these words: Zeke, sit, lay, no, go potty, want some food? I think that's about it. He might know "car". Otherwise when I talk to him he just tilts his head to the side and stares at me. Or starts jumping on my face and licking it and trying to bite my chin or nose. His favorite toys appear to be my socks, my shoes, my bras, and my brush.

Ok, I'm going to try to sleep now. I'll write again in a few weeks or so :)

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I *do* still read this thing. I just don't have much time to write in it. Or more aptly stated, when I do have free time, there are just so many other things I would rather be doing (i.e. hanging out with Jeff).

So anyway, I'm doing well, school is a lot of time, but it's going well. And I am managing to keep up with everybody else's lives! :)

Any computer people out there?

I have a random computer question and I'm hoping that someone who reads this will know the answer. I am trying to set up my school email account to come through microsoft entourage. I am having trouble figuring out which servers to put down for sending and receiving. Currently, I am able to receive email through entourage at the account, but I'm not able to send it. My school uses squirrelmail, but the webpage for the mail is webmail.albany.edu. I used "webmail.albany.edu" as the name of both servers. I'm guessing that's the right one for receiving mail (since that part works), but not for sending. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can figure this out?

P.S. I'm actually able to receive email if I send it to myself at my account. But it won't let me send email to anyone else.

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I just had to say my goodbyes to my boss, since he's leaving tomorrow for vacation and won't be back until after I'm gone. He is the nicest man ever. He gave me a coffee table book. He kind of makes me want to cry.
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This weekend I went to my coworker Melissa's bachelorette party. It was at the Male Encounter. It was very very very different from female strip clubs. These guys had like choreographed dancing and were touching girls and making the girls touch them and grinding up again girls. At female strip clubs the girls just sort of sway and strip.

I had a tooth refilled last week (it had a filling that was messed up from a long time ago). My tooth now kills!! It didn't even hurt before, it was just sensitive when I drank cold stuff or ate chocolate. But now, even when I'm not doing anything, it just aches constantly. I've been taking the 600mg pills of ibuprofen that I got when I broke my wrist. I'm going back to the dentist tomorrow. I hate my dentist. This is the second tooth he's fucked up on, and they charged me $120 when I went last week, when they shouldn't have charged me anything at all. I have a great dental plan, so I don't have to pay for anything.

While I'm complaining, let me tell you about my insurance story. I signed up with Geico already for when I move to NY because they're cheap and also my policy in Mass ends Aug 5. So I was going to starty my NY policy Aug 5, but I'm actually going to be in California then until Aug 17, so I can't get a license or NY plates until like the 18th or something. Geico had no problem with this. I just got a bill from Amica today (my current insurance) for starting a new policy in Aug. I called them and told them I wanted to cancel my policy once this current one runs out since I'm moving. The lady I spoke to was such a bitch. I didn't know that in order to cancel a policy in MA you had to return your plates first (that's not the way California does it). She spoke in such a condescending tone to me. I asked what I was supposed to do because I was going to be on the other side of the country until Aug 17 and can't get NY plates till after that, but my current policy ends on Aug 5. After sparring with her, having to call Geico and cancel my policy with them (so that I am not paying for 2 policys at the same time), getting a rate quote from Amica in case I just wanted to stay with them once I moved (which was double the amount of the Geico rate), and calling Amica back and getting the same obnoxious lady, I found out I really can't do anything until after I move, set up a new account with Geico once I get there, and then drive myself back to MA so that I can return my stupid plates. Ugh. I then asked the lady if I was going to be charged a fee for having to cancel my MA policy after the new year has already started, and she told me yes. Which is ridiculous because they're forcing me to keep it on for like 3 weeks until I can change to NY. I asked her how much it was going to cost, and she wouldn't answer me. Then she said if it was less than 30 days since the policy started, there might not be a fee. So who knows.

I only have 29 more work days. I can't wait.
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