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All Thing's Ordinary
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Date:2008-06-26 02:24
Subject:Graduation and Fulfilling the Dream

So, as per usual, yes I haven't posted in awhile. But hey, this is where the sappy stuff goes.

...So, I've graduated from college. To quote Rob, my former Art Director on co-op "Was there ever any doubt?"
It's funny how I've taken my education for granted.

I just got a really heartfelt email from my cousin Trung who's on my mom's side of the family:

...So I want you to get how proud we are of you and that you matter. I want you to get that your completion of school fulfills what your mom and dad wanted for you when you were first born and you fulfilled that promise. I want you to get that you also fulfilled a promise for Grandpa. Did you know that he was illiterate? You have to get that you fulfilled his promise that his family would have a better life than he did!
You completed the promise that all his grandchildren would be educated.

It's kind of surreal to think about what my family has been through. My grandpa and all of his daughters immigrated from Vietnam to the United States to create a future for themselves and generations down the line.

I'm the youngest of the first generation on my Mom's side - First generation Americans. Now that I've graduated from college, I'm really proud to say that every single kid in the first generation of Americans on my mom's side of the family has completed college. 100% College graduates.

Maybe in the morning I'll write a more eloquent post, but you get the idea: my family rocks!

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Date:2007-08-12 22:17
Subject:100 goals from highschool - 8 yrs. later.

I remember, a lot of these are dumb - but think about it, these were written 8 yrs. ago. that's history man. I'm starting to feel old.

I also realized the last time i posted this i had more accomplished than i did this time... i guess my idea of accomplishment has skewed, or i've forgotten large chunks of my life. i think it's a combo of both.

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Date:2007-08-12 21:48
Subject:hello? hi? anybody?

does anyone even use this thing anymore?
raise your hand, or maybe even comment if you dare.

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Date:2007-02-10 10:08

I haven't been on inawhile.
It looks as if livejournal's changed since the last time i've been here.
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Date:2006-12-27 07:44



you better be serious, because i don't know what's wrong with you if you don't think i'm damned cute

you are the cutest thing ever

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Date:2006-11-26 01:33

So my life has been pretty okay.
There's been lots of good with lots of bad.
Okay, maybe a lot more bad, but the goods are alright.

It looks like i'm completely free of the nail salon.
So, I've turned 21. I'm actually studying what i'm drinking so that I don't waste my money on booze that ain't so great.
I've got a new job at this place called Toy Lab which is basically the best job ever http://www.toy-lab.com
I just got a new car.

On the flip side.
My father is going insane. he's literally become very neurotic and depressed. it's been tearing me down.
I have nothing done yet for this quarter. literally, because of the above.
I am currently like deathly feverish and achey.
I feel terrible that my grandpa got me a new car -- i cried like all day yeterday.

so i guess it's pretty even quantitatively. But my da' being ill is a heavy weight.

I also think i did a poor job at toy lab today. but my excuse is that i couldn't breathe.
hopefully i didn't infect anybody...
oh and i got a nasty blood blister too.
woe is me.


Date:2006-11-11 19:07
Subject:vox account

okay, i have to confess... all of the sweet shite that i've been doing with myself is being posted here:

there i have 2 blogeroonis that may interest you 1) my cassette tape wallet creation, 2) Collaboration between Harry and myself... Butterfinger commercial contest entries.

So that's right, video plus pictures for your visual delight. or something like that...


Date:2006-11-08 07:00
Subject:Lady Sovereign "Love Me Or Hate Me"

Lady Sovereign "Love Me Or Hate Me"
"Lady Sovereign "Love Me Or Hate Me"" on Google Video
okay... so in addition to latin pop stars, i have this thing for british rappers... god...


Date:2006-11-03 14:20

i realized yesterday, that i will never have x's on my hands ever again.

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Date:2006-10-19 01:29

LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

I think they must be missing out on like a kabillion other illegal immigrants with the name julie tran, because i highly doubt that there are only 120 some of me...

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Date:2006-09-17 01:22

okay, so i have to express this on livejournal because 1) there is noone to talk to online anymore and 2) i still can't believe it...

i know i know. of course it was going to suck.....
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on the side, my brother came home today. i gave him a hug. i guess i do like the guy.
we were talking about movies for a little bit. his girlfriend was there. his girlfriend has never seen the matrix. he said "i'm not sure if you'll beable to understand the movie, but i'll help you out. you should definitely watch it". it made me die from laughter. his girlfriend kind of smacked him a little. he deserved it haha.

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Date:2006-09-06 22:15
Subject:Science of Sleep trailer.

yeah, that's right. i just put up a youtube video....

you'll see it on my myspace page too dammit.
it warms my heart.

a higher res version can be found here: apple trailers

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Date:2006-08-27 01:22
Subject:Giant Robot

Two weeks 'til I leave LA and i've finally bought something from the giant robot store. guess what? i bought two comic books/novels. i read them both.. all of them within hours of getting them. "aeiou" - Jeffrey Brown and "Would you still love me if i wet the bed" - Liz Prince

Now,I think I have something new to blow my money on. yup.

on the side i had a fabulous weekend with kitty.
we went to the armand hammer museum, and it was a great museum. contemporary arts ranging from like degas to modern animations. i think i may visit again for shits and giggles. and obviously, we went to the giant robot store where kitty bought ugly dolls and i bought comics because while browsing i really enjoyed the sad sap stories.

Really if you ever get a chance to see me, ask me about the Liz Prince comic. If you've ever been interested in someone...... if you love at all! you will love it.

***edited... i walked off the angst.***


Date:2006-08-24 18:33

for some reason. today. i decided. that. i want to go to film school.
Don't ask me why. it was a feeling. a very strong one.
i don't intend to be the next stanley kubrick or anything (we watched the shining recently)
i'll write my reasonings down in words, and when i feel like it's worth reading i'll let you know.
but for now, I've decided that I want to go to film school. this day will be noted in history, or i'll just laugh at it later when i'm rereading some blogs.

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Date:2006-08-22 23:14

let me tell you a secret....
i can't wait for fall to come.

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Date:2006-08-08 09:12

they've revamped UC onestop online. that means you can no longer see my brother everytime you do.... anything... on the web


Date:2006-07-27 22:06

hi. i want to drop kick some people right now. bye.
(not you or kurt, ashley.)


Date:2006-07-20 17:10

side note:
Rihanna's song Unfaithful is one of the most AWFUL songs i've heard in a really long time.

in case you ever wanted to know.... now you know....

(making some ads/banners...at work for nelly furtado... because rihanna is awful.)

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Date:2006-07-15 20:06
Subject:Fear is no factor for me

I am the Fear Factor Universal Studios Champion!!!

note that this was not a filming of the actual tv show, just one of those shows you see in the theme park -- it was still kind of intense.

i've tried my best to use proper grammar, capitilization, punctuation, and bolds to make this easy to read.. it's a kind of long one... longest i've written in awhile, atleast.
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Date:2006-06-20 16:15
Mood: bouncy

Hey All,

We have a new batch of interns arrive form the far reaches of Cincinnati Ohio. You may see them strolling the grounds and engaging in design warfare from time to time, but they mean well and are only armed with non lethal digital art supplies.

There names are:
Julie Tran
Ashley Keene
Kurt Koch

Please be nice to them.

- Matt

I love my new workplace.

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