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Assuming I get into one more class, my schedule next semester is sick.

11-11:50 MA 378 Mathematical Modeling
2-4:30 ED 408 Classroom Environment
5-6:15 SC 101 Survey of Physical Science I
6:30-9:10 PS 236 Child & Adolescent Development

Trivia night and drinking.


Oh, I get to sleep ALL day.

9-10:50 SC 101 Lab
11-11:50 MA 378 Mathematical Modeling
2-4:30 ED 412 Field Study III
5-6:15 SC 101 Survey of Physical Science I



Go to my field study? Get eaten alive by high school math students?

11-11:50 MA 378 Mathematical Modeling

AND the best part is the prof for MA 378 never takes attendance, gives open note/book tests, no final, and his classes, although optional all semester long, usually becomes officially optional for the last month. So I've never had such an awesome schedule. But I'm not actually in PS 236 yet - thanks Fairleigh Dickinson for taking your sweet ass time getting my PS 101 credits here, and Quinnipiac for taking just as long to evaluate them.

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So this semester I'm taking Calc V and Abstract Algebra II, both of which are said to really help me figure out if grad school would be for me. It's nerdy as hell, but I'm super excited. They seem awesome, and I don't really care about any other classes.

I'm getting a new placement for my field study, and the teacher I'm most likely going to have is rumored to be awesome. Four people have him already, and have nothing but good things to say about him and what they're getting to do in his classroom. So if I don't like this, I feel like it'll really tell me that teaching is not for me. And I'm an awkward jerk and haven't e-mailed my site teacher from last semester, but I kind of don't care. This is about my career and the rest of my life. I can't feel bad for him, when he wasn't willing to do all that he was supposed to do to help me.

I'm starting my new job tomorrow at 10:30, or whenever I get there after class.

This semester is really going to be great. It has to be great.

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so. basically I hate being sick.
duh. but I've pretty much spent every waking minute in bed since Wednesday. (aside from working 3 short shifts at work)
nyquil tastes like shit. awful awful shit.
and I think I have an ear infection like a little child.

basically I haven't gotten to hang out with any friends in a week.
and my new year's eve is going to be rotten as hell.

but degrassi looks fabulous next season.
AND saved by the bell is coming to the-n.
which is becoming 24-7 tomorrow on a new channel.
too bad it's still a channel I won't have in CT.

oh and I got dean's list and a 3.711 which is awesome, but I can't lie. I was cheated out of a higher gpa by a certain Dr. who thinks regurgitating her anti-racism/white privilege propaganda is necessary for a good grade in her class. and she hasn't responded to any of my e-mails. well fuck her.

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TonSTER783 (2:19:56 AM): hah
TonSTER783 (2:19:57 AM): sure
TonSTER783 (2:19:59 AM): but still
TonSTER783 (2:20:18 AM): -----------
TonSTER783 (2:20:35 AM): is a prime candaidate to have as a first though
TonSTER783 (2:20:40 AM): great specimen
TonSTER783 (2:20:43 AM): lemme tell you

my life is at so many lows right now.

but hey, if you're curious, I'll be 21 in 369 days. Way to be a leap year 2008, thanks a lot.