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God this stuff is old..

22 April
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Aspiring photographer and astronomer.

Animal Lover.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Nerd

Singer, Pianist and Flute Player



american sign language, animals, anime, apartments, aqua teen hunger force, astro world, astrology, astronomy, auburn hair, avril lavigne, bach, ben & jerry's, bicycling, black, calligraphy, canon, canon digital rebel, cats, cheetah print, coffee, colorado, concerts, converse, cooking, cowboy bebop, dance dance revolution, dark tower, david, digital art, digital cameras, dogs, dragonflies, dragonfruit, dragons, dreaming, edible glitter, education, elements energy drinks, elitches, enterprise, eve 6, fable, fairies, fantasy, fish, food, fragma, full metal alchemist, graphic design, green tea, greenday, gundam wing, ham radio, harry potter, hating my job, healthcare, heart, hello kitty, hershey park, hoobastank, hot pink, ice, innostream, ipod mini, ireland, italy, j-pop, japanese, kingdom hearts, kissing, kitties, kyoto, lain, lava lamps, lazers, learning, life, love, mahi mahi, maroon 5, michelle branch, mini cooper, ministry of sound, mozart, muse, nirvana, nyc, origami, paw prints, pho noodle soup, photography, photojournalism, piercings, poetry, psychotherapy, quadband, ramen, religions, road trips, roses, s.e.t.i., scrubs, shorin ryu, sleep, snow globes, spanish, spock, spring, star trek, star wars, stargazer lillies, stars, stephen king, sunrises, sunsets, sushi, system of a down, tattoos, texas, the beatles, the dresden dolls, the foo fighters, the night sky, the postal service, the spice girls, things that glow, tiesto, trapt, utada hikaru, vampires, vanilla coke, veterinary medicine, wolves, zelda, zz top