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it makes me smile when i think of you and your brown eyes

put me to sleep i need you, your beautiful to me

4-wheeling, abercrombie + fitch, abercrombie boys, adam brody, america's next top model, ashton kutcher, b&w photography, beauty, being loved, best friends!, bikinis, blonde, boxes, boys, boys who play lax, bracelets, brand new, brown hair, bubble baths, butterflies, buttons, cameras, camping, candles, cars, cds, chad michael murray, cherries, chinese food, chipmunks, chocolate, chocolate milk, clothes, clouds, cloudy days, coloring, colors, computer, concerts, cookie dough, cuddling in the rain, curly hair, dancing, dashboard confessional, designer, dorks, driving, dvds, e!, eating, eyeliner, fast computers, football, fridays, friends, fudge, getting distracted, good internet, gym, hair dye, holding hands, horses, hot pink nail polish, hugs, ice cream, ice skating, journals, kisses, laughing, lilu, lip gloss, losers, loud stuff, love, main street, make-up, making out, making someone smile, making someones day, mandy moore, mascara, midnight phone convos, models, movies, mtv, music, new computers, new york city, oasis, orbit bubblegum, pacsun, partying, penguins, perfection, phone, pictures, poems, poetry, power, pretty, purple nail polish, quotes, rain, rainbows, random pictures, reading old emails, reading old notes, road trips, roxy, running, running through sprinklers, sarcasm, sex and the city, shooting stars, shopping, silver and gold glitter, skateboards, sleeping, sleeping til noon, smiles, snow, stars, straight hair, strawberries, sugarcult, summer, sunny days, sunsets, supermodels, swimming, taking back sunday, taking pictures, tape, the beach, the mall, the princess diaries, the starting line, the weekend, thinking, thunder and lightning, trains, tripping, vacation, vanilla mint chapstick, vegan, vegetarian, vh1, walking, wishing, writing