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Live everyday without regrets be happy.

24 July 1983
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16 candles, a baby story, activism, alannah, american red cross, ani difranco, animal-rights, animals, anti-violence, anti-war, apple picking, autumn, babies, beetlejuice, big hearts, black eyeliner, black framed glasses, blueberries, candles, cherries, corpse bride, cozy times, crossing jordan, csi, curious george, cute smiles, damion, daria, dead to fall, decorating, deep sleeps, dimples, doggies, donnie darko, dorky guys, dreams, edward scissorhands, elijah wood, empire records, every time i die, fall, family, feminism, footloose, forensic files, friends, from autumn to ashes, funky socks, futher seems forever, garbage pal kids, garden state, gerard way, gerber daisies, gianna, giggles, girl, glitter, hairspray, halloween, happiness, hardcore, hello kitty, honesty, hoodies, humor, individuality, inflames, isabella, jack and sally, jack black, jared leto, kids, koalas, law and order svu, lipgloss, lips, long talks, love, love is red, mallrats, meat-free, monkeys, movies, munjed's, music, my chemical romace, my-so called life, new adventures, night time, nightmare before christmas, norma's lemonstand, oceans, pajama pants, paleskin, pandas, patches, photographs, piercings, pink, pins, pirates, planet 505, planning parties, poetry, polka dots, pregnancy, pretty eyes, pretty in pink, pumpkin picking, pumpkins, punk'd, razbari sumthing, rock concerts, rocky horror picture show, rules of attraction, sandals, scary movies, school of rock, scrapbooking, senses fail, seven rays bookstore, shai hulud, silver, ska, smoke-free, something corporate, soulmates, spineshank, spirtuality, staind, stars, strangers with candy, sugarcult, sweet cinnamon pumpkin, sxe, taking back sunday, tattoos, that's my baby, the breakfast club, thursday, to be in love, to feel loved, traveling, unearth, uniqness, vegetarian food, vegitarianism, yoga, zoo