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Don't Let Your Life Pass You By...

Hold On To Your Memories...

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Full name: Elle Anne Insontis.

Age (Hogwarts alumini are accepted, but not teachers. The Marauders and anyone in their year are in seventh year. You can pick the year of your character if it is not known that they are of the same age as the marauders): 17.

House/ Affiliations/ Extra credits (Prefect, Quidditch Captains, Order Members, Death Eaters all go here): Gryffindor.

Blood (pure? Muggle born?): Her father is a pureblood, and her mother is a Muggle-born.

Pets: The only pet she has is an ancient old owl, who is barely good for anything. His name is Socrates, and Elle doesn't even know what species he is, he's that old. Her family has owned him for years.

Physical attributes (give us a few lines and prove that you have this character figured- especially if he’s an OC, or a character that we know almost nothing about.): Elle has wavy, light-brown hair and nothing particularly entrancing about her features. She is pretty but in a simple sort of way. She is on the shorter side of the height scale. Her eyes are a very dark blue, and she has freckles. She is also very pale, which she believes to be quite a curse, since in the summer, she is often seen as a lobster-red. Quite unpleasant, really.

Family (Includes parents, siblings, traditions and anything else that has helped shape your character.): She lives with her mother, father, grandmother, and younger sister. Her mother, though a kind person at heart, has always favored her younger, and obviously more beautiful, sister, Marie. Her mother, Celeste, has always been absolutely fascinated by beauty, being a extraordinarily beautiful woman herself. She married Bradley Insontis, who was very handsome and also unusually quiet in voice. He has always had a soft spot for Elle, bringing her all sorts of treats from his travels. Her favorite thing for him to bring back from his trips, usually to the beaches in America, where he works, selling a new invention of Sun-Repelling Umbrellas, are lovely seashells. She has quite the collection at home. Her sister, Marie, is ten, and will be attending Hogwarts next year. She is a stunning girl, even for her young age, with golden locks and bright, dazzlingly blue eyes. She is still prone to tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants, which, thankfully, rarely happens. She is the diamond in the family, and her parents expect great things of her. Elle, however, has always been ridiculously jealous of Marie. It is this that has given her a bad habit of constantly comparing herself to others. She hates being told that she can't do something, and Marie, knowing this, often does so just to see her sister get into trouble. Her grandmother, Isabella, is a cranky, old woman with a nasty temper. She is rather fond of chocolates, barking at Elle (usually about biting her nails), and reading Don Quixote. Out-loud. Repeatedly. Because of this, Elle is not fond of reading, preferring to just sitting in peace and quiet, letting her imagination run away with her. She also has learned to bottle up her emotions, preferring not to get into any arguments with her grandmother. Unfortunately, when the bottle erupts, it can be quite ugly.

Likes/Dislikes (give a reason for your characters’ taste, please):

Likes- As I mentioned before, Elle loves seashells. She wishes that she could travel with her father during the summer, to escape the daily aggravation of her grandmother and her sister. She also likes Transfiguration, since the difficult subject is one of the few classes that she gets good marks in. She loves the springtime, since, to her, it was the best time to have daydreams. Unfortunately, for her, these daydreams occur no matter what time of the year.

Dislikes- Elle does not like dogs. They scare her to death. Once, she and Priscilla, her childhood friend, were riding their Muggle bikes (a gift from Priscilla's Muggle father), when they ran into a very large Doberman. Priscilla and Elle had to pedal as fast as they could, with the large dog nipping at their heels. Elle still swears she can remember what the ugly beast's terrible breath felt like on the back of her legs. She fears having her secrets found out for obvious reasons. She also does not like heights. When she was six, they went to her grandmother's apartment to help her move her belongings into the Insontis household, where she would then live. The apartment was on the very top floor. Isabella brought her granddaughter out onto the balcony and Elle took one look at the street below, with its now tiny cars and people passing by and nearly passed out. She has been terrified of heights ever since. Finally, she dislikes Charms, since it is her absolute worst subject. She just can't seem to get any of it right without a great deal of practice.

Brief Biography: Elle grew up in a small town near London, England. Since her father was always out working, she was constantly alone with her mother, who had better things to do then play with her young daughter, such as immerse herself in fashion magazines. With nothing better to do, Elle learned to amuse herself, often sitting by a window for hours on end, dreaming of everything under the sun. Because of her limited contact with people for the early years of her life, Elle has become painfully shy. When she turned eight years old, her mother decided that she needed a playmate. So she called upon one of her old school friends to set up a play-date with the woman's young daughter, Priscilla, who was around Elle's age. After the first few awkward days, Priscilla and Elle became the best of friends. Because of Priscilla, Elle learned to trust with all her heart but only once her trust is earned. She can't take having her trust betrayed. It is possibly one of the worst things in the world to her. Priscilla, unfortunately, was sent off to Beauxbatons, but she and Elle still write each other frequently. She received her Hogwarts letter at age 11 and had a very hard time adjusting to her new surroundings. Now, however, she is so delighted to have found her niche, that she doesn't want to leave.

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