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one month, one day later....

Jan. 8th, 2006 | 05:49 pm
mood: all right.
music: "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt

as previously stated, my PC is a piece of shit. it wont let me update my journal or check email or upload pictures on photobucket and stuff like that.... but it lets me upload them onto webshots?! so thats where all my pictures are now. and im using my dad's laptop right now to update. i haven't updated in a month and one day. there actually has been a lot going on.... some good, some bad. most of which im not even going to get into. there was endless drama with boys. the combination of school and work have robbed me of any social life. but i have some good things to look forward to. like the coldplay concert in april. visiting rachel lawless in two weeks [if my parents let me drive]. cruise with the family in june. maybe hilton head island with alaine in june? and my seventeenth birthday on february sixteenth.

so driving is going good. i mastered driving stick a while ago. hate that piece of shit but i'll really, REALLY appreciate a nice car one day. anyways. let's see. christmas was good. my favorite gifts were my silver ipod mini, laguna beach season one on dvd, the OC season one on dvd, this pretty top from a&f, some necklaces, rachael yamagata's cd, some O.A.R. cds, the tank top aileen gave me!, and a pink hat from Gap. new years eve was okay. just a sober night at tracy's  house with kelsey, taylor, liz, and tracy. watched both bridget jones' movies. they were good. im still waiting to go snowboarding. if my work would actually NOT schedule me for both friday and saturday night, perhaps i could actually get the opportunity.

so i scanned a couple pictures that i like.

check them out.Collapse )

i also have tons of pictures on my webshots, which you are free to look at if you're dying of boredom.

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(no subject)

Dec. 7th, 2005 | 03:28 pm
mood: tired
music: "Follow Through" by Gavin DeGraw

im never sure what to say in here anymore.
not much is going on.
still can't drive a stick.
my computer is such a piece of shit.
so much on my mind.
sick of talking about it though.
don't you hate it when you're just sick of talking.
seems like every other person i know wants me to talk stuff out but i'm too tired of talking.
i'm like a broken record, just repeating what's on my mind over and over again.
i want my social life back.
i need to get out of the house and not think about my chemistry homework or work or guys or anything.
but i work this friday and saturday night.
guess that won't be happening.

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Nov. 27th, 2005 | 05:24 pm
mood: wonderful.

amazing how we all want this life a little more everyday....
its crazy how we pick up ourselves up just to let us down anyway.

- O.A.R.

once again.... Of A Revolution was absolutely perfect. played a bunch of their old songs and opened with "Lay Down". my favorite song off of their new CD. me, jessica, and chloé starting driving to philly around 6. some bad traffic on the schukyll and we got lost in camden [and jessica and chloe were screaming some very unnecessary profanities] but we eventually made it. tailgated with the tiny bit of alcohol we had. enough for a good buzz i'd say. some shitty ass RAPPER named "Little Brother" opened. what the fuck. thank god we only had to listen to his last song. and then all of Tweeter Center went crazyyyy when OAR came on stage.

so we made a bunch of friends last night. when your sister is extremely friendly, it's bound to happen. we started talking to these two guys named chris and pat. and they were nice. chris gave me a slice of pizza which was awesomeeeee. oh there was an extremely bitchy woman standing next to me and was like "did you pay for three seats?!?!?" and i was like "YES!" and kept getting all in my space. during one song she started jumping and i could tell that she intentionally jumped on my foot really hard cuz she gave me a dirty look afterwards. i wanted to go off on her and be like "you are like THIRTY. WHY ARE YOU HERE?! YOU'RE PROBABLY A SCHOOL TEACHER! GO FUCKING GRADE SOME PAPERS!!!!" ughhh. oh well.

so OAR closed with "crazy game of poker" of course. best song in the world. but then mark [the lead singer] was like "we've got a surprise for you!" and on stage come "LITTLE BROTHER" hahahah. and he starts "rapping" the song. hilarious.


"little brother"
"how bout a revolution?"
"i love my hunny bunny!"

and of course.... pictures.

out in the parking lot was crazy. everybody was finishing up their cases and blasting OAR.... such good times. we talked to this guy who looked about our age and lives in ocean city, NJ i think. and he gave us some brownies, but i didnt eat them. and this other guy, i forget his name, gave me free beers. goood timessss. and jake got into our car and then jessica was like "OKAY IM GOING!" and started driving for the exit. and so he's like "okay i really gotta go" and when he gets out i was pulling something off of his shirt and he almost [accidently] slammed my hand in the door! it was THIS CLOSE. scary. and when we were sitting in traffic outside of the parking lot, up rolls jake and his friend and he's like "if i jump out of the car right now, will you give me a kiss?" hah fuck no you almost slammed my hand in the car. but the BEST part was.... traffic started moving again, and we look behind us and jake's car isnt moving. and he has his four way flashers on.

i wonder what happened to him.

and some extra boring stuff you don't have to read.Collapse )

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this is on emily mekinc's mind.

Nov. 18th, 2005 | 04:03 pm
mood: no headache for once!
music: "Little Lies" by Fleetwood Mac hahah

i had an unsettling dream last night.
i worked last night.
i work tonight.
i work tomorrow night.
such is life.
i have a paper to write this weekend.
i wish i could've gotten coldplay tickets.
i hope i get some good ones tomorrow instead.
i hope i dont have work next friday.
i cant wait for O.A.R. next saturday.
i need to learn to drive stick.
i want to go snowboarding.
i wish i could hang out with katherine and hannah tonight.
i should probably start getting ready for work now.
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moorestown part III

Nov. 15th, 2005 | 05:00 pm
mood: pfffft.
music: "Bad Day" by Fuel

so i havent been able to use my journal for a while. my computer is fucked up like you wouldn't imagine. a lot's been going on, so, as usual, i dont know where to start...
halloween was fantastic.
liz, taylor, kelsey, tracy, catie, and i went out to dinner for liz's birthday that night.
brian wasn't working that night though. :(
but then after that, kelsey, tracy, and i went trick-or-treating at brickside just for the hell of it.
oh, did i mention that we all dressed up in costumes?
i was a rastafarian. kelsey was an 80's girl. liz was pocahantas. tracy was britney spears/naughty school girl. taylor was a boy scout. and catie was cinderella.
click for the pics.

soooo i also started working at chili's. i just got home from work too actually. i'm a hostess and it's a lot of fun. its busy and my back hurts after about two hours of standing without sitting, but i survive. i make $7.25 an hour and i like the people i work with.

school is a pain in the ass. i have 3 B's this marking period, which may sound good to some, but it's not for me.
PS my chemistry teacher [Mr. Schmidt] needs to lay off the touchy feel-y action.
so this past monday was fun. i went to liz's house with kelsey and taylor and..... we went a little crazy, you could say.
it started out with just baking some chocolate chip cookies [which were extremely delicious] but then we got bored and liz started applying a lot of eyeliner.
all over her face.
so we all started going crazy with makeup and ended up looking like clowns but the end of the night.
it was fun as hell.

thennnnn there was no school that tuesday. and then i worked my first night at chili's on wednesday. and then i had to immediately rush over to school so i could be an usher for the Craig Schulman concert at 7. i had to earn credit for NHS, what can i say. it was easy and i enjoyed listening to our choir singing "trouble. trouble. trouble. trouble." --- you had to be there. "with a capital t, that rhymes with p and stands for pool!" hahahah im such a loser.

anyway, that leads me to friday. AJ Katz [who is another host at chili's] stopped me in class and was all, "im really sick can you take my shift for tonight?" and i was like "suuuuure i need the $$$$$$$$$$ and the experience."

it was fucking scary.
and chaotic.
and stressful.
but i liked it.
there was like an hour - hour ten minute wait.
people got mad.
so i got off work at 9 and went straight to tracy's house and chilled with the girls.
i had to leave by 11 though. stupid curfew.
i was late anyway hahah.
and then i had to wake up at 5 AM approximately.
and leave with my poppy to new jersey.
i love my dad. we have really good, in depth conversations.
i'd be jealous of us. we talked about everything from how fucked up society is, to the death penalty, and his life in new jersey when he was a teenager or whatever.
we visited my uncle richard.
i have no idea if he's getting better or not but he hardly has any hair and it makes me really sad.
then i went to alaine gordon's house.
she had a party with like 15 - 20 people? fuck if i know.
i didn't know many of the people. but killian came and that was nice.
beer = disgusting taste in my mouth so while everyone got drunk off that, i hit up some capt mo. hahah good times.
so there were some definite drinking games going on and i did not understand them at ALL. some whores were getting mad at me. i wanted to play pong instead but all the guys were playing it and basically didnt let other people play. oh well. i know i would've whooped their asses hahah.
so around 9 the party was moved to this guy jeff's house.
but me, alaine, and killian went to katherine parsons' house insteaddddd!! oh my godddd i love that girl. im so glad you were home and that we could see each other. right after that we saw louis. ahhh so many CITs. but it doesn't end after that. we all went to seven eleven cuz we were starving and killian was meeting brendan banks so he could get his camera back once and for all. which he did. and brendan's hair is soooo long now. and then. brendan peaced out. and so did louis. somehow we got to jeff's party. i honestly have no recollection how. i definitely got a picture of myself with an audi tt roadster though. and i think we were walking back to alaine's house and i randomly and coincidently ran into caitlin johnson . damnnnnn so many CITs!!!! if only i'd seen rachael rhoads too, i'd have seen all the people in moorestown that i know and love. yeah she was just walking around with her friend or something. she was like "you need to stop doing drugs." hahaha
this weekend was really awesome and i really enjoyed it and i just dont know.
i apologize for the long-ness of this entry.
see the pictures from moorestown right here.

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steph's party and job interviews.

Oct. 29th, 2005 | 11:52 pm
mood: pissed but doing good overall.
music: "Drinking for Eleven" by the Mad Caddies

so i got back from steph's halloween party a little while ago.
not enough people dressed up.
i was a fucking rasta man and if i do say so myself, i looked awesome.
chloe was a nurse and keith was a doctor.
i saw a girl dressed as a batman hahah. oh and chelsea was a naughty nurse.
and jay was the pope? and zach was an astronaut.
i think carey was a cowboy. and kelly was a construction worker.
but we were basically the only people who dressed up. dorks.
but it was still fun.
i was fucking pisseddddddd though. i was supposed to go over to ian's after the party was over at like 11ish and go home with jessica at 2ish. but noooo my mom was lame as hell and made chloe take me home at 11. so here i am.

so last night, me and aileen saw Elizabethtown after wanting to see it for two weeks. i'd give it like 2 1/2 stars. it did not meet the expectations set in the trailers. i thought it was gonna be SOOOOOOO good but it really wasn't that impressive. it was just.... long. and mostly about the death of drew's dad and his dad's side of the family. i thought it was gonna be all about Drew and Claire but it hardly was. i HATED kirsten dunst with a southern accent though!!! wow. orlando bloom did a decent american accent though. i was definitely listening really hard to him so i could pick up on his british [?] accent. anyways, we saw our tenth grade english teacher there too!!! good times. we said "hi" of course.

alsooooo on friday i had interviews with Chili's and Wegman's. my first interview with Chili's [on wednesday] went reallyyy good! i mean, i obviously got a second interview. my second interview was with the general manager, matt, and he was like "ok all you gotta do is get your working papers!" and then i'll be hiredddd, yesssss. but i can't do that until fucking FRIDAY. cuz my mother has to be present while the official... person.... signs my working papers or something and that's the only day my mom can be there.

but then my first interview with wegman's on friday.... duuuude what the fuck. the only positions open were as a cashier or in the cheese section. i was like "............" and she asked SOO many questions about me and what kind of student i am blahblahblah. i definitelyyy don't want to work there. i friggin asked her how much the starting pay was and she wouldn't tell me! she said something like "what do you think you would be paid?" and i was like "..... $7.00?" to be modest. and i asked matt at chili's what the starting pay was and he didn't know?! he was like "somewhere between $7 and $8." but im afraid it might be closer to $7 because this is my first job. :-\



two pictures from steph'sCollapse )

i think i'm feeling a little better overall.
things have been a bit more than shitty lately,
but perhaps that's gonna change soon.

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hanging out with cory & courtney, babysitting, and job hunting

Oct. 22nd, 2005 | 05:40 pm
mood: bored
music: "Champagne Supernova" by Oasis

let's see. i've got plenty to update about but where to start.
well, a couple weekends ago i hung out with courtney and cory.
and we took a LOT of pictures.Collapse )

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homecoming 2005.

Oct. 17th, 2005 | 06:29 pm
mood: swell
music: "Lay Down" by O.A.R.


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finally. some happiness.

Oct. 14th, 2005 | 05:57 pm
mood: :-D !!!!!!!!!!
music: "Do You Realize?" by The Flaming Lips

i'm officially a licensed driver.Collapse )

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everything from thursday night on...

Oct. 4th, 2005 | 04:36 pm
mood: drained
music: "Crash" by Dave Matthews Band

i had the time of my life.

and i owe it all to you.

Collapse )

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