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"No Friends. No Allies. No Regrets."

"Ore wo tomeru ka? Nara shine!"

8 July 1979
Welcome to my drama and anger filled journal. If you don't want to read alot of my bitching you can GET THE FUCK OUT!
akuma, alex shelley, anime, avatar the last airbender, batman, biting people, blood, capcom, cartoons, chappelle show, chase young, cirque du freak, console gaming, creatures of darkness, creatures of the night, dark magic, darkness, darren shan, dawn of war, dbz, demons, dragon ball z, dragonball z, elemental magic, elemental powers, epic games, escaflowne, evil, fairly odd parents, faith evans, fighting, fighting games, final fantasy, fire, first person shooters, futurama, gamecube, gouki, gundam wing, hgtv, horror movies, inuyasha, juggernaut, justice league, justice league unlimited, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, kingdom hearts 3, kingdom hearts series, law & order, law & order svu, linkin park, magic, morrigan aensland, multiplayer games, mythbusters, naruto, naruto shippuden, nike shoes, ninja monkeys, online gaming, pc gaming, porn, project runway, ps2, ps3, pvp, randy orton, reality tv, resident evil, revenge, robot boy, robotboy, sex, shin akuma, shin gouki, shopping, silverhawks, square enix, squaresoft, street fighter, swords, taco bell, team fortress 2, the demonata, the frozen throne, the juggernaut, the juggernaut bitch, the simpsons, tna, tna impact, uc2, unreal championship 2, unreal championship2, unreal tournament 2007, unreal tournament 3, unreal tournament 99, vampires, various music, vengeance, vh1, video game music, villains, violence, wal-mart, war craft 3, warcraft 3, warcraft3 tft, world domination, world of warcraft, wwe, wwe raw, xbox, xbox 360, xbox live, xiaolin showdown, yu-gi-oh, zac efron, zefron, zombies