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Dearest ________,

You make me ________.
You should _______.
Someday I will ______.
I love when you _______ your ________.
If I saw you now I'd __________.
I would build a _______ just for you.
I would get your name tattooed on my __________.
If I could sing you any song it would be _________.
We could drink __________ under the stars.
I couldn't lo9ve you more, even if you ________ the _________.


(P.S. ________ with a ______.)

feeeeeeeeeeeeel the love generationnnn

My gosh i have alot to say... Lets see.

I went to see my nan in the chapel of rest a few days before the funeral. It was probably one of the best and worst experiences of my life, my i'm so glad i went. I know that if i didnt go, id have regretted it. Afterwards, my mum & auntie decided we should do lunch, and walk back to Woolwich. The took me the long way round and showed me where the grew up, it was really cool. My auntie kept pointing out places that she'd fallen over drunk, or bunked school at haha, was a good day.
The funeral went well, it was a pretty massive turn out. All my family from Wales turned up, my nans old next door neighbours from when she lived in Bexleyheath were there, old work colleagues, everybody. The nicest thing about was was probably the euilogy (sp?) that the vicar read out. My mum and her brother & sisters each wrote a bit, and it was so sweet. I doubt i'll ever be able to listen to Bette Midler- the rose anytime soon though. I can most definately say that ive never cried so much in my entire life lol, but it was good. We hired out half a pub/harvester for the wake, and they made loads of little sandwiches and had a buffet thing layed out. There was alot of wine, lol.
We arrived home around 8ish, and i decided to go out, didnt really wanna be at home just yet. Char & Liz picked me up, and were so amazing. Liz was worried, because when they picked me up i was too chirpy for her liking, and she knows that sometimes i tend to pretend everythings fine when it isnt... but it wasnt like that... 1) i was a wee bit pissed, and 2) i was happy it was over. Funerals arent ever happy occasions, but the after bit is sometimes really nice... and in my case, it was. I did get annoyed with the whole "my, myyyy... havent you grown?!" thing though :\.

I'd try and talk about the past week, but its kinda all rolled into one... i cant pick out one day from another! Went to Mash's, that was a greeeeeat laugh, had a wicked time with him & Kris, even if i am covered with mother friggin' bruises KRISTOFER!!! Will defo do it again sometime.

I kinda met someone! His names Lee, hes 19 and in the army. Good things; hes gorgeous, funny as fuck, likes to playfight, is totally honest, is sort-of Welsh :-D, gives amazing cuddles(&stuff *g*) and he has the most amazing eyes in the world. Bad things; he leaves in February. This could be quite good for me though... its obvious i'm not relationship material at the moment, so theres no danger of things getting too heavy if he has to leave anyway. Well, thats one perspective. I'm worried about getting involved with him more than i already am, incase i get too attached. Hmm... we'll see.

Conrad's still in Germany. Hes on exercise till the 25th, which means he doesnt have his phone on him. Gheyer.

Me, Liz&Char sort of had an arguement last night. Well, Char got pissed off with me&Liz. Apparently shes felt really left out the past couple of nights, because me&Liz seem so close. But me&Liz are close. We tried to explain to her that we dont mean to leave her out, but me&Liz will always have a different sort of relationship because we've been friends for so long, and we know each other so well. Last night, Liz was talking to this irish lad, and i was messing about with Robbo, and they were both trying to persuade us to go to the zone with them, and Char got upset over it because she thought we decided on going, without her! I dont like that shes so insecure... We had a massive chat in the toilets of the command house, lol :\, and managed to get through to her that we arent another Krystal&Sarah. Wearent gonna leave her out of things, and lie to her and bitch about her all the time. Must be hard when you've been screwed around by close friends, to trust other people... but i think she trusts us now, i hope so anyways.

I'm pretty sure ive left a million and one things out, but thats pretty much the jist of my life lately!

Hope you're all fine&dandy. xo/
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I'm a wanderer I have no lace or time
I'm just drifting on this lonely road of mine
And if you like you can come along with me
But I promise you that I am not the man I use to be
But I promise you that I am not the man I use to be

I'm a wanderer I have no place or time
I'm just drifting on this lonely road of mine
If you would accept me for me
Then I promise you that there's a better man inside of me
Yea I promise you there's a better man inside of me
Love I promise you there's a better man inside of me

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i sold my sould for the second time, cus the man, he dont pay meeeeeeeeee

oasis roxor.

i'm bored, intocixatred and boerd.

i jus tried picking up my kitty and maikign him take a pic with me, and n he just scratched the fucker oput of me.

corys in yankee land har harrrrrrrrrrrr harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr