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this is much harder than it looks

My bed never seemed more inviting, I want nothing more than to go to bed ... this is rather early for me ... hm ... oh right! That's why: I hadn't posted my really now finally this time I will get back and post:

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Six Degrees of Julian Barratt - also going by its more accessible title of "The Mighty Boosh" - clunky sub-workin-title: an attempt at a cohesive, illuminating or entertaining collection of material and thoughts on the inspired show (and all I could find out about the previous and later projects of its creator, from The Pod via Unnatural Acts to Chekov and Tanlines).

The most hopeless endeavor, since there's no fan like me on LJ my flist and I messed up the intro ...

To make it twice as boring more varied I should also try to do the 100 Things - Fine Arts: dance performances, musicals, plays, paintings and rock concerts I have absorbed. And maybe post my novellas. DOING ALL THE THINGS! Or not.

Hold me.