January 11th, 2015



It's been 10 months since Kobold died, and since I was last here. I also got fired, and at least one new disorder, bled a lot, and had three little operations, but the one thing that made me write here again is that

I just destroyed the 2-storey cat-house I had made Kendra and Kobold 7 years ago. I desperately need space, but there's other stuff, like 2 t of unread, printed out fanfic to throw out, and the cats (I got a new cat for Kendra, that didn't work either) still loved it, they even ran after it as I dragged it out, climbed into it ... in the garbage room now, I could hardly rip the re-inforced windows (to prevent them from eating it like the first model) or crush the structure to fit into the bins, it was incredibly sturdily built.

It was a very stupid thing to do, that I had calmly considered for weeks now - first took away her roof/carpet, then tore the old tape off that seam - and that I'm now unseemly upset about.

LJ is the only place linked to my past life - back then, I had posted the pictures of my box construction (can't remember what I used a hammer for to work on cardboard but I did) - so dear online diary, unlike during the many traumatic months I didn't bother you about, I have to say ... I'm worried about me.

I often wonder what other LJers are doing that quietly disappeared?

How many are still alive, who hopefully found RL occupations and such? I used to read every single private post of everybody (don't want to type Imissedyou because that's too cheesy). I haven't heard from my flist for 10 months, and I just saw a couple of you are still posting regularly, but it must be more unusual to even return.

Thank you for listening.

(Livejournal, you... look frightening, btw, a tumblr or Facebook clone? You don't want me back, do you).