December 28th, 2013



Another one! Just now!

She called me name at the train station and I knew her face and we did the heeyyyy and 10-20-years? and half an hour chatting and at the end of it I still had no idea what her name was nor which of my two subjects she had studied with me. I did remember her skinned bleeding beds of nails and the way she spoke and that there was another girl of similar height and also with dark brown hair who also studied one or both with me (in fact there was a third girl with long dark curly hair I was friends with, I had no best friend at uni and hardly any contact with anybody at all).

So I tried the trick of asking after her surname via asking her phone number, but she just said she hadn't married. Still, the surname triggered two possible first names. And also I was sure after a while I had been on holiday with her. To Scotland. Big huge deal. Was that why we had broken contact completely?

More time dragged as I learned more about her current life and her successful job histories and what not. Hearty farewells and alls wells ...

... and now I just remember that she was my friend, okay best friend for lack of more soul partnery people, and we studied both subjects together and even a four semester extra course about cultural management. And the women in that group mobbed me out behind my back. And she had been in the group and had not warned me not even hinted anything and let me walk into one of our weekend meetings to hear they had all decided to throw me out and I could travel back to my hometown again that was all bye.

Have you read Erich Kaestner "Doppeltes Lottchen" or seen one of the films about those twins that swap places once they find each other, Lindsay Lohan in "Charlie + Louise"! - and the introverted twin takes too long to realise she was schmoosing with the bad girl her twin always had had to slap (except I also wondered if I'd been rude to my exfriend until just now).