October 22nd, 2013


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Got nobody but myself to blame about this weekly upset: Bones had started going bad from those first hints around Hodgins' wedding on, and it has not been good for a second since the ep the greatest intern ever died (to go on to Alphas). I've written about what an important subversive show it used to be (not sure if I posted that though), and it's years of badness so there's really nothing to say except "again" and "still" and "worse and worse" re. the conservative right-wing establishment othercrap things it is. But in this endlessly tedious orgy of pointlessly drawn out sickening whythefuckaretheystillmarryingeachothertheyvebeeondoingthatforyearsnow episode, the psycho intern (the taller one) said that he quite liked the most hated intern (the curlier one who's the only too-small breath of fresh air since the death of my darling, and of course he's "nasty). Anyway:

If I weren't so tired (of everything, but esp. this awful show), I'd ask you for fic. Might not even be slash, they could be bi or gay.

I'm not asking if anybody reading this is still watching, because last time (four years ago) nn said it's still better than all the other worse crap, and I doubt since then Bones got new viewers from my list.
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