October 3rd, 2013


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we had an earthquake tonight. since Kendra got up at the same time, I wondered if she managed to so strongly push my chair. I felt dizzy and it shook a bit longer, but Kobold was so calm on my lap that I didn’t believe it really was a quake
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To those who drive cars especially those driving with gears and clutches: if it has ABS, would using the handbrake (together with the normal brake or slightly before) stop the car better/faster than just the foot pedal brake? Or what would happen? In a big car, one of those high ones, but not a landrover suv? things. I have forgotten, but vaguely remember that the seemingly more powerful normal foot pedal brakes felt "softer" than the tight metal pull of a handbrake.

And what if the car was set on automatic speed? Different reaction then?

No, I can't let go, and if it would have helped, I'd like to know for the future, not be placated. THANKS!

Don't know where to post anymore.

But since my recent use of words led to unfollowing, I'll do it here again, where I don't notice the unfriending.

Tonight was our latest vernissage - I presume. The "artistic head" is genuinely just another parasite out for his own, (ab)using the set-up to promote his own instead of our work, and doing less than nothing. The only bad thing is that no matter what I (don't) do, he's got it in for me. I try so hard not to think of him, but couldn't stop thinking of ANY way to better all our situation. Since his boss is just like my boss and both their aides also adapted to the parasitic way - I knew six of the boys in that job so far, and this is the first rude stuck up ass that is no co-incidence nor is how many artists have left that IS the dick heads fault! - they all keep each other safe, siphon off the meagre funds and you can't imagine ...

I did wash my hair especially, during the day, which is hard work for me, and make the gigantic anxious effort to go there tonight, 90 minutes early in case I could help (ha ha ha stupid stupid -i-) but nobody at all was there.

Just the two aides ignoring my greeting and chatting, the whole building deserted and dark. I couldn't even secretly do ceramics, it was so freaky. I called three of the other artists, and they all didn't pick up or call me back. No guests either.

After an hour I left, days and nights and 4 weeks wasted and the dreaded confrontation now pushed further ahead and made worse by me not having been there. I would have loved it if nobody at all came but maybe some did, later? Will they ever let me know? I waited a whole hour and only polished my piece with some leather, not with the shoe polish I had especially brought.


(like my life haha)