June 18th, 2013


this is just to not tell you that I'm paralysed with fear and crying every waking minute now

There's still no app you hum into which tells you which piece of (instrumental) music you are looking for, right? At least not on a computer? I youtubed all Schubert symphonies and string quartetts in Minor, but nothing was that dramatic "down" piece that I heard again on the street the other day and maybe even at an opera, no, that can't be, but I know I had the aha-effect somewhere, and it should have been Death atm or the Hungarian thing, but it is neither. I can't even write notes well enough, and I can't even hum the complicated bit that I hear clearly in my head.


(slightly higher)

(third repeat variation)

(then the complicated bit where the strings cross all over and tumble down together, after previously the high ones rose while the chelli? grounded further down.
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    that's the question