June 8th, 2013


to do

Just in case I don't (bets on I won't): draw a sketch of those real life Daleks I saw the other day. They were Saudi Arabians - the rich one come in droves and stay for at least three months each summer - but nothing looks more like a big black Dalek than a woman in a Burqa filming with a video camera, srsly, hands-in-gloves, crooked arm, you only see the large video camera protroding from the head area, and can you see the head-moves necessitated by the limited field of vision?

I just headducksmiled and was too stupid/shy/non-invasive to shoot a photo (of them filming all of us from the safety of their Dalek armour), didn't even dare look properly to not seem rude but srsly, I wish you could have seen.

Secondly, long slender table legs, with ankles, that end in antiqu-y wheels which are attached at the 45 degree angle, ie. not right in the middle but also not right at the outer rim. The only good thing about tonight's play.

This famous Frenchman only ever hires actors from Germany or France, and I'm so glad he finally leaves after DECADES of heading the theatre festival and immortalising further "the woman", ie. very small and very thin and very painted and very underdressed "ideals" who generally lust after/love a fat old bald man, who is disinterested and the only real person and human and whatnot. I'll never forgive them for the press text of an Osborne(?) play that said "Sevigny doesn't act, she IS woman, the ideal mother whore saint, and the younger son samples her right away" - this SAMPLE was never in quotation marks, it was repeated everywhere as a natural fact, woman is a ware one FUCKING SAMPLES hur hur or not even hur hur, this is art, and she loves becoming the whore for a whole family of men, after all, this is woman.

ETA: tonight it was oh so funny how a woman tried not to get raped in Tartuffe; slapper is his fav look and wasn't slapper a bad word before the fasion.

On tumblr, I'm being told it is none of my business and I shouldn't comment on either of the two things I just did. Possibly LJ wanks would have featured that statement as well, but I think even at its worst, that simplification wasn't all (and I never was a fan).

My stomach aches are back/never stopped, same as hunger. I wish I had taken a photo of that table leg - I took pics of empty stages for the last few years, cp. my band photo mania in my former life, but I was far back and walked out when they started clapping.
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