June 2nd, 2013



Can't sign into Goodreads. The password resets aren't sent to me. Might be because I lost my LJ email address when I went unpaid - or should we all keep our lj-name email??? But I still get likes and comment notifications so wtf ...

Stupid periodical reset of auto-log-ins grumblegripe -i- rely on getting online automatically and my saved password was alos not accepted.

Can you help me get into my Goodreads account somehow please? Is there no way at all to get my account back? I mailed them to no avail.

ETA: GRAAAARGH, so after the last pw didn't work, I deleted the ******* and hit "I forgot password" again - and it fucking logged me in. That is NOT very comforting.

ETA-TWO: WTF? How can I possibly be #14 most followed
#12 best reviewers
#16 top reviewers

I'm not fishing here, I really don't get it - has Goodreads declined in membership that much? I hardly posted for the last years (didn't I?)!

ETA-talkingtomyselfagain: it kept crashing. I assume I didn't cause that ... why is there no option to say -i- have (read) a book it recommends me?? Am I overlooking something? ETA: because it was hidden behind a stupid fucking little button next to the big fat "want" one ... just like everything I need is now hidden in Google and Tumblr and Online Banking *kills everyone*

I already removed Amazon, Sony and all the other suggested "Get At" links and refused to let them publish my reviews whereever they fucking want - it's great that we can remove both, but urks it was auto enabled for ... how long?????????????