May 30th, 2013


The Fall and Il Trovatore (to do, stub)

Never watched the X-Files, am sad Gillian is blonde and oddly find her harder to understand than any of the Irish actors. Thought it might be another good UK crime series, but it's really tough to watch, tense suspense because so very quiet and normal, often with no soundtrack - and the rapist (and murderer, nobody cares if he just violates women after all) is introduced and followed exactly like the auditor from the Met.
He's not just the father of two nice little children who snuggles with his wife in bed after the failed rape murder, but he's a psychiatrist, or psychologist, but worst of all a couples counselor in the first reveal of that fact. Therapists already have way too much power and are way too bad in their important position, but to see him doodling the grieving mother naked and asking her husband about the sex life while everything looks completely normal from the front is much more effective than the few other psycho. killers in movies, who were mostly revealed at the end.
To then top this, the criminal actually appears at advantage when the husband turns racist thug; make him a Jewish Russian, and he briefly becomes sympathetic.
Which is no use in the unbearable scenes where he stalks his escaped victim, both with little children, all harmless ordinary adults. It was apparent for me that he's "doing" successful/power women, so this solicitor is in lethal danger unbeknownst to her, as will of course Gillian be in due course. I'm only 28 min in and don't want to watch suffering (wish I knew how that series with my Steven Mackintosh ended, all my old flames in hard to watch dramas, but what isn't these days, it's all GoT, gore alore ...

ETA: even when the beat cops actually think and go back to the endangered woman, they drive off as she's tortured upstairs; it's good that already ep 1 shows ppl trying and not everything just going wrong because of annoying pointless stupidity; and it's fun to see Gillian spy a hunk and demand she be introduced only to give him her room number and drive off again; but it's hard to watch because realistic.

Pointlessly typed this up - instead of a high-brow (as if, from me?) review of last night's Il Trovatore, where I wanted to ask you if it's normal for this Verdi opera to have the traumatised witch as the focal point, or if she was only the most important character to me?