May 25th, 2013


Amazon makes money from your fan fiction

In the good old days, this would have been all over my flist - today I stumbled across it on a foot note on tumblr: "By using the platform, authors give all rights to the work to Amazon, who can then license your elements to other authors with no compensation to the original poster.” Enough fan ficcers won't care, especially the young ones, but that makes the CassandraClaires and ShadesofGreys look good in comparison. So far the regurgitated (and/or) badfic has benefitted the fanfic writers at least in some degree, although the publishing houses cashed in on fanfic ever since Jenkins and other meta couldn't shut up about it. I can say that since none of them will read this anymore. But Amazon is laundering what was non-profit because partly "stolen" and making profit from it ... I don't actually care anymore, I just realise. I haven't read a non-atrocious publication in 20 years.
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