May 22nd, 2013


-i- keep forgetting to remind you:

a) Thanks to all those who already replied! ETA: I added ppl ... I see DW ranting coming up *g*

b) If you're still reading me, please let me know, since I have to clean up my flist - 99 percent of which hasn't posted or commented for four years.

c) If you're still here yet not interested, I'd be really appreciative of you letting me know that as well!

d) And if you're a regular on other platforms now, please do tell me where. Even if you used to post that before you left, tell me now (even if tumblr will soon expire, and InsaneJ might be gone?).

I just wrote my first ever comment on smartbitches because one of you who doesn't reply here ever bought a book recced there by them without them having read it - and commenters loved it but CHESNEY/BEATON IS THE WORST.

In a big group of worst, but do NOT describe her as CHARMING please, kthxbye.