April 2nd, 2013


TO THE AGE ITS ART or Woman Mirrored in Media via Masterworks

Today I made my first "ready made" art - made, because I tore up the pages and smeared them with paste structured like the defects women have according to the article. It was straight out of NSFW, the play we saw in London, only more schizophrenic: beautiful portraits by the biggest artists were labled with cellulite, wrinkles, body hair, flab, etc. to show that those beautiful ladies were just like "us" - then women were told which surgical, cosmetic, diabetic etc. measures to take to avoid looking as fat, flabby, hairy, old and red as Danae and those other disgusting women painted by Van Gogh, Klimt, Schiele, Toulouse-Lautrec etc.. Someone was paid to do this; identically to the boy in NSFW. And although it is so incredibly hare-brained and ridiculous, although throwing red skin and cellulite on pigment never intended to show anything like that - - - it would have been an interesting piece of feminist installation art. IF THEY HADN'T BEEN FUCKING SERIOUS. If they'd put it in a gallery, instead in that glossy piece of advertising shit. I wish the descendants of Wally Simpson et al would sue them.

PS: I always thought Julian's sleazy porn-mag boss was nowhere near as vile as that lady editor. So did Julian.

PPS: this one has old hands, which alone show age in "our times" and can be helped by our own body fat - it's good for something! Just like all the hair you tear out by its roots - when you suddenly have no eyebrows left, transplant some from elsewhere. I'm too sick o.i.a. to state the obvious - but it's obviously not obvious or they wouldn't have done this.

PPPS: red is still bad