April 1st, 2013


alien to everyday experience

In Sedwick's essay about Ketamin (not) working against depression, the words "a level of psychic pain wholly incompatible with human life as we know it"" by David Foster Wallace led me to a random article about the language of depression ((how to say anything about nothingness; indescribable)) that succinctly states the reason for people's violent antagonism towards suicides: " they have betrayed the pact of the living. They have said that when you see life without any of our illusions, or diversions, it is unacceptable. (that).. the most beautiful experiences of existence .. are not worth what we think they are. And this is a declaration of war .." Ironically, the author Winer seems to refer to Special-K as what would have saved DWF's life in her final sentence, which Sedwick's essay clearly refutes.

(reposting here, because tumblr deletes and hides all sources, and because it's like I did some research again (or meta, as it used to be called on LJ?))