January 2nd, 2013


The Bulge Lady collapses

The person I'm dragging myself to the screen for would be the first in decades I could should live fan revel discuss someone I admire fancy love with; but she's already calling herself a perverted abomination for wanting to know the colour of Buster's eyes and mailing me weird slime stories that seem to be about her unwilling sexual attraction to him ... while internet fans are so OTT 1-track self-assured pornographic it's off-turning ... so I come here, where there are no fans?

Even regarding bulges, I'm so damn contrary. In fact I'm returning here and aborting my tumblr post at the last moment (alsocoznotsureifsomeofthesefolksfollowme) because a) some of my Joe bulge post friends might still be around, b) do you know it's Keaton time (again) and c) the non-fandom specific interest in males film might be larger here?

ISN'T THAT WAY TOO LOW? Remember how fandom was sure a whole underarm was Sean Bean's penis?
That's a hanky, no way is this - very plausible shape - a cock and balls. It'd be growing out of his THIGH! Yes? No? If you don't reply, I finally know you unfriended me! ;)

The fact that I didn't call this Buster's Bulge shows that I'm really not well. Because while this surely ISN'T Buster's bulge, I can't resist rhymes.
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