December 27th, 2012


hit me baby one more time

ETA: right, I told everybody who was around what I've done, in order to show what a horrible person I am, and now I'm gonna throw the purring sister off my lap, free the monster sister, and then problem eat myself to sleep or sutin.

Please tell me what you think

would counter the colour light blue. Light blue doesn't suit me, on no part of or near my body. I thought of clothes, then of furniture, then of paintings, anything, but find no GOOD COLOUR COMBINATION to tone it down and use it to liven up something else. I have lots of it, and a little of something else is not enough.

I used to have a lot of fan artists on my LJ. The three who might still live/read here would be mostly welcome to throw anything at me, even abstract art, just so I can work towards using this very expensive vintage wool somehow.
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