December 17th, 2012


-i- don't know where to post this

Are any of you still buying books?

It's a similar blow as the closure of oink that amazon bought bookdepository. I had been wondering why the last years I kept finding less titles on bookdepository. And then why they had gotten more expensive than my LOCAL book seller. I only learned the other day that amazon had bought it a year ago. So none of those percentage gifts anymore - and the same titles CHEAPER at amazon.

One feels like crying, one can't do anything, one can't afford amazon's international postage and tax, the only seller in the world who had all the books (even local ones in my language used to be CHEAPER there) was killed off.

The outer-net is just like the internet.

So if you a) read and b) buy books and c) aren't American or British or Australian (I know, I know), what do you do?
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About an old Boy

Maybe I should post about it, since I can't reply (of course) (to c.c.).

Today at the urologist (cower, you wimps who barely go to gynos), a 92 year old man started the convo with "We're not getting any younger" to which I said "What should -i- say" (aka "I've got more reason to sigh sitting here then). Then he gave me a detailed yet vague description of his private parts functions - still not sure if he was blocked up or incontinent - which he had caused by eating dry biscuits for a week in the pub, without drinking anything, in protest about the new cook using onion?water in everything.

He'd of course fought in the war, frozen nearly to death in Russia - my compliments about him having survived all that and still in possession of all limbs and eyes and actually mobile went unheard, as did that he had held out a LONG time with his incontinence if that frost hadn't gotten him. Nor the starvation in the UK POW camp.

AND THEN he started on the new district ... MP? Director? The guy lives in my house, and he'd just been "thrown out" aka someone else was coming into the post soon. I'd always wondered if that was a (full time) job and what one does afterwards, and now 92 said he'd had secret police documents about?for that guy. I was encouraging now, because it was unclear if it was high time or a corrupt tragedy that he'd been thrown out now - and then I was called in.

(ETA: he was bent and frail and a beige-grey of skin-folds, but I thought he might have been of rare good looks (for our race). His girlfriend had been killed when his flat/house was bombed into the ground. Her name was a nickname, an old fashioned abbreviation I was used to from non-related aunts, and I suddenly realised I no longer knew what their long names where. With all the idiotic new names taken from movies and mispronounced, "our" names have died out. They'd be laughed at or dog names. Fifi.)

I did say "just when it got exciting" to nurse and doctor, and explained "he was getting to the gestapo documents" but that was the end of the only good 10 seconds of the day, as dark, wet and cruel as usual.