December 14th, 2012


everything hurts

I can't comment on anybody's posts anymore. I sent a few of you replies as messages, then gave up. I can't even find that option on the new layout. I'm only here because to be told to "chill the fuck out" by a religious US teenager was finally enough to get me off tumblr.


K, if you read this, or perhaps even writerlibrarian??:

after months of doing test patches that always looked neat, I finally made myself make the real thing. And only by watching a video to double check how to increase I realise I've done the front stitches ("knit") utterly the wrong way. It looks fine. Even the edges do for the first time ever. The rim rolls up. But I don't get it anymore - I've invented stitches before, but we read so much now and how is that possible - - - I stick the needle in the back half of the left loop, from my right to my left side, and pull the string through there, then lift off - - - one is meant to stick it FROM the left TO the right into the front half of the loop though and it's just not the same. I checked so many tutes. I blame K's crochet but - - - do I continue? The yarn is SO FRAZZLED from all the unravelling I don't think I can do it again :((

Don't send tutorials, I have 100000000ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß
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