October 24th, 2012


looking for a quickly forgotten fad

Remember this website that combined bookmarks with treasure hunts? You collected badges as well and got points for every quest you completed, but most importantly how many people did the thingies you made. I did something on cemeteries and then I saved 20 drafts and never posted them. writerlibrarian did something about cities in books, which is why I'm looking for the site, because I can't actually find the other one with the books on it.

And it bugs me to have no memory whatsoever of that other site. But there was something we needed in the footer of our browsers. Maybe Greasemonkey or something like it. A social network that somehow lost itself in gimmicks? I'm sure one of you must remember (better not ask on tumblr).

The Only Living Boy in New York

Apart from flashes of admirably consistent gloominess, Alphas isn't my kind of show. Yet I've watched it every single week, mostly because Ryan Cartwright is really good, despite/working with the limitations of his role. This song, its refrain having such a quick end to its initial uplift, played at the end of the finale as "Gary"s song combines the best things about the show.