September 13th, 2012


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8 hours with S ranting about the Anti-Islamic hate-film the "American Coptic Israelis" made! Instead of just nodding and mhm-ing, I can never quite stop to insert a little reason and sarcasm, esp. after I went and watched that insanely crap thing: it is stunningly bad, hilarious rather than outrageous. The non-actors seem to have been told they were in a comedy or soft-porn; the glued on beards, overdubbing of "Mohammed" over what the actors actually said, and kindergarden-theatre props beat Plan 9 by miles. (Un-)Fittingly, it was spread by a Monty-Python-name-alike when nobody looked at it at first; now it finally found fanatics and the killing started. The really sad part is that in reality it's all about Romney vs. Obama, once again fought on foreign soil.

S then made me look up another movie to show me how all religions should be untouchable, which again wasn't what was actually going on: Yet another anti-catholic/christian film just won at the Venice film festical; conversative and radical believers are trying to get a charge of blasphemy against the non-Italian film maker, who is very happy that the actual viewers received his film so warmly and he even received the coveted Critics Award.