July 22nd, 2012


not a boy-whore?

Did I tell you about that escort service I found? I told someone, but I'm becoming scarily muddled.

Anyway, I just glimpsed an ad at the back of a paper and was certain the guy in it wasn't George, a 38 year old camera man, but that Jonathan who alone looked likable in that escort service. So I searched and searched and stupidly, they had used the same photo of him there as on an actors page, where of course his name is different, his details are the same - but I'm not sure he's really that down on his luck or his details have just been stolen without his knowledge?

I WANT TO CALL AND ASK FOR HIM yes, this is amusing for me but also sad, I know. Still cheaper than one photo from England, you know.

ETA: one other leads me to a FB site I can't read, a third seems to work for rival companies ... I am disappoint, as they say. Should this clean sober looking site use only fakes, or are their staff just extremely stupid?