July 3rd, 2012


shadows + vibrating

Just finished "of such small differences" by a Hannah Green (who seems to be called Joanna Greenberg in English). The person who lent it me had done so for a very specific reason, but I can't remember if it was "love" stories or descriptions of being different. I want to know but she's convinced she can read thoughts and it can be traumatic talking to her ...

The bit that started my eyes watering was when John wrote a letter to his violently abusive father who had beaten him deaf, wanting to tell him how he was an able person and to tell him of his achievements. Signed John Moon, and juxtaposed with that horrific abuse story about Howard Moon, it was painful.

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This would have fit better on tumblr, where there are TMB fen, but ever since I confessed last night that every new follower makes me fear their loss, I've lost another few followers. I'm not really sure what to post where anymore.

tl;dr: could have done with more cat.

ETA: lighting has been splitting the night sky apart for an hour now, nearly silently, again and again. My insides feel heavy. I should go eat junk food to give them a reason for it.
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