June 17th, 2012


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Could you please tell me your personal experiences with all types of readers, tablets or pads you use(d) to read texts on?

It has finally come to this, due to serious problems: I have to get some e-reader, and I was still hoping for a Kindle alternative.

ETA: three articles reviewing the more current readers; I was nearly swayed completely by the Kindle until I recalled it still doesn't do epub (all library books (although it does do libraries I hear) and most of the stuff I got). Then someone said the 3G is NOT free for roaming-less surfing and emails while the other said it is. Then the e-ink ones cannot be read in the dark but are the only good ones for the eyes. I only know that I want mp3 (have no ipod etc.) and no colour (bad eyes).




ETA: seems I can't get N and such here, but another LCD one for 60 Euros with pixellation. Never regretting refusing a gift so much before. Decision between eye-friendly e-ink or the ability to read in the dark?

ETA: the awful strobe-like black-white-reverse-blinking at each page turn makes all e-ink readers HERE impossible, and I can't look at a Kindle in my country. I want an ipad now - big and fast, able to read .pdfs and comics and flawlessly.