May 13th, 2012


mother's day

Although I've been getting my bread there for ten years, today at the bakery I was asked by the same woman, loudly and just below incredulously, "You did just want ONE croissant?"

Kendra has always been a great fly catcher; I shout "Fly!" and she comes running, and I point and sometimes lift her up to the window, so she can bat at it.
Today was the first time ever she disappeared chasing it through the flat, came back and put the fly in front of my feet! I preferred the puking INTO the litter box, and she might just have expected me to throw the corpse and make it fly again, but was really really touched and loudly praised her until she ate it up ♥


You won't like this, but I had "when a touch becomes to much" in my head, and .................
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