April 20th, 2012


brackets chorus close brackets

In the morning, I had to take a condom-covered object into my mouth and was told to "bite into the ridge running around it".

After 2 hours of nasty blaming by sheboss yesterday, he ... nevermind. Got no prep work for stop motion done, no time at all, not even for groceries tomorrow. One hour before the usual against-country-custom late closing, sheboss forced me into wallpapering her office. With superglue.

Running after S to not be stuck staying behind, again, he says for the fourth time today "haha yeah you women I wouldn't have done it" (despite having interfered and smeared glue everywhere), but refused to tell me how I could have avoided it.

Simon says "no erections in the kitchen". I would like to know what he really makes of all those girls fanning him now. I want to meet his mother.