April 11th, 2012


random Canadian with cat & -i- met that old friend from London

ETA: the funniest thing is that I didn't notice I hadn't written the name and now already forgot it.

Thought tao might like Dan Mangan (folk rock, red beard) then realised he must know him since famous but I don't do famous, I got this in the company's work mail with an add for a Hungarian festival.

„In the crowded male singer-songwriter genre, he brings something different: a quirky, witty, observational style coupled with a slow-burning, emotional intensity.“ - THE GUARDIAN

„this folk singer may only be 23, but he sings with the soul of Woody Guthrie - if Woody Guthrie had listened to Godspeed (You Black Emperor)“- NME


So I have this theory, or rather the merging of two observations from my long life of observing and reading.

fact 1: mysterious women are the only ones men can love. Needn't be classical femme fatales, anything goes, really, but that ****** feminine mystique needs to be in some way present. Even gay men prefer them.

cp. women's need to talk things through and find things out. I'm generalising, hopefully not like a magazine, but there's a reason the best classical crime novelists are ladies. Novelists in general - men's love stories are ... not.

fact 2: I never quite understand why the most self-obsessed creatures are so beloved - wanted, desired - but also considered great people and have lots of "friends".


a) self-marketing always works

b) the extreme and constant focus on herself makes the woman attractive to the man. Unless she finds another guy, and that isn't so important for her (he isn't, just how he makes her feel (about her self-image)), this variant of egomania has pleasant results for the lover, like an always smooth fragrant toned flexible body and that aura of mystique; the slight absent-mindedness without any threat of intellectual obsession about anything he might not be interested in. He can always teach her about his interests, while hers towards herself ie. her body (mens sana is achieved via yoga and healthy eating) aren't anything in need of discussing.

It doesn't look like egomania! Society supports and praises this behaviour and spurns the opposite! I fear to be hated now!

I didn't mean for this to sound so jokey and ridiculous :) I hear laughter prevents communication and yet I still crave both.