March 29th, 2012


young GB comedians suddenly everyone else knows as well, part 5: Simon Amstell

Look at me, I only reblog and embed from Ze Guardian ... Project Amstell - you must never tweet:

Jessica* learns that Simon is also soiled!!! :) His experience will surely differ from Noel's though.

Last month Londoner who wants us for a client rang, as he does twice a year, and we ended up agreeing on Simon being great! It was mostly because a) I wanted to stop myself from ranting on how much I loathe James Corden ( so much, woe :(), whom he said he wants to see live - after not understanding why I could possibly wish I lived in London and accepting live shows as a reason, and b) he has to ingratiate himself with me. Still, rare moment there!


* Jessica Hynes, another of my (in old caps) "lookalikes", had also acted with Julian before Spaced and later DW fame. I like her in this, she looks younger without make-up here than with 15 years ago and more naturally funny.
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