February 16th, 2012


remembering how lightning-fast even the idiot banter was.

Someone started a conversation from 2004 again, and finally the owner of the blog also joined us, and I like it, it's really a flashback to what really were good times, when every reply got longer than the one before, when there were subject lines running counter to the body text (and amok) and we really LOLed.

Both on LJ and tumblr, I now find people who'd I*d have gotten along with 2-5 years ago (except I didn't know them now, and now they no longer have those interests), which adds another dimension to the blast from the past above. But I can't believe that we all changed at the same time ...

In my head is Numan*s "Cars" and I don't like that. In half an hour is the next ep of LC and I hate it. Partly thanks to that, what I loved last month and couldn't get my hands on is already bitter and tainted. I didn't do my homework, which was (erm, again) to try and this time really do something nice for myself. In Cars. And draw something. Make a collage. I want to draw a face Ju*s face but he was too good at hiding it. In Cars.