February 12th, 2012



Was going to contribute to the Meta Month, simply because TMB pushed me into every aspect of being a fan again - except for "proper" fandom, it seems? I've established a t-following based entirely on them, but here I can't even find any journals involved in the MM, or in TMB of course, and all I would write about would be

1) textual observations on the primary material (but isn't that just reviews and that's not meta?)
2) personal observations on the differences between LJ and tumblr (again?) or just about
3) the technical details of fannishness on tumblr, because more than LJ, the rules for catching attention are specific and there's really only one format that works (gif-sets containing text; the end.)
4) textual and personal observations about the worrying fucked-up-ness of how young girls see their ideal romantic/sexual relationships ---> but is that new? and isn't everyone else celebrating it as liberating? but these are very young teenagers (again) and this leads only to further acceptance of inequality!

The first and last are of such importance to me. But maybe that's the very reason why I shouldn't go out and find an audience for my opinions?

- Which British dialect has its speakers pronounce "guys" like "gays"?

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