February 6th, 2012


big meat with two veg

Blood from facial orifices due to freezing temperatures. Sheboss ...


It's a tiny step, but I'm dropping http://tombacchus.livejournal.com/

It's one of the feeds that I created on LJ, and since only paid users can do that and I seem to be the only reader, I wanted to give you the chance to subscribe to it now. Utterly explicit, full frontal, never work safe.

melagan and tao at least might be vaguely interested. Maybe you need this link though, http://tombacchus.livejournal.com/profile


I use tumblr to keep large, good, belovedbyme pictures alive (don't want another 5000+ loss like on LJ) and to quickly upload photos for LJ (again, no more scrapbook). I just haven't managed yet to post anything beloved ON livejournal.
I should be glad people steal my manips, except they repost them SMALLER, which makes everything pointless again since I'm trying to keep HQ HR photos in circulation.

I need brooming. And/or drugs.

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