January 29th, 2012


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Did you know that Richard Harris, whom the youth of today only know as Dumbledore (if at all) could sing and published some good records? Guess whom I have to thank for knowing that now.

rasmizar, I chose this photo (link) to throw you a (collar)bone.
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that one big brother that fought with us against the other big brothers

I don't see a solution for my youtube problem here, but for all those of you who asked me why I went from trusting Google to seeing it as a menace - which for me was when it's ad said "is there one friend who alone doesn't use gmail? Make them join the rest of us" (masses > individual = evil) - a brief summary of Google violating your privacy across platforms and addresses.

I personally see no to the search engine and least of all to gmail myself. I tried many for many years. Maybe you can install some safety measures for yourself though. Fuckitall.


Scott & Bailey s01e01

Leslie Sharp has always been a high-quality actress, and female cop (duo)s are still rare, and it was a British show, so I had watched the pilot of Scott and Bailey, something like a European present day Cagney and Lacey.

CLICK .mkv file capped with KMP looks blotchy - must be his skin

Perhaps the reason was also Rupert Graves, who is such an asshole in this (though he does nothing different than as Lestrade) that I have not the least qualms to condone the lady's behaviour, even though fandom tends to crucify female characters for such natural actions (I've never before seen a guy claim he dumps his woman because she is unhygenic, not even in Mike Leigh movies, although it must happen).

Have you seen it? Should I watch the show? Or is it already dead?

ETA: wowsers, this cap became an instant hit, overtaking even Daniel Craig (whose notes disappeared later) or didnt-need-hairspray, both in speed and numbers of notes.


tumblrweeds still haven't shut up about LC; they are ranting more every day about the supposed (completely invisible/inaudible) critics of it and posting that to the tag they so violently claim should be UNRELATED to their Noely.

another Rupert
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