January 26th, 2012


Fresh Meat s01e01, Luxury Comedy s01e01

On with the UK shows, but something new-ish this time that probably none of you have seen? I read that "despite it being from the writers of Peep Show, we were still surprised by how good it was" as "Fresh Meat" won the (Newcomer?) Comedy Award. The young, already-come-up comedian, Jack Whitehall ("posher than Mitchell") was supposed to be a surprisingly good actor, and the show really fresh and good.

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Zawe is rather famous and has also acted with your Cumberbatch.

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Collapse ) Watch this latest quality show and make up your own mind though.

  • Tonight Noel's new show starts and 1000000 people will love it because they won't even look, just fan. Most everyone else will not. But one day they will and then my OTP is dead.

    ETA: oh no. I'm close to tears but because Luxury Comedy is worse than even I feared. But why did they commission it. The teenies want to see Noel's face, not muppets :(

  • DELETED: sorry, I forgot this was recorded and we missed that show (how could -i-).

    Jon Richardson I still like though; also sprung from a comedy duo, also from radio. *sigh* Also wears cardigans. And a UK site actually lets me WATCH a clip, they never did that with Robson.
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