January 24th, 2012


more stuff for the usual suspects

  • raven + friend? Jeremy Renner is featured by hellblazer today, but not just today, as is Sherlock.

  • Do you know anybody well who lives in Budapest??? I always lose against S and s and I don't want a repeat of last year, would love to know at least one person there.

    ETA: some things never change; I'm just as upset whenever some crappy or unimportant photo OF MINE gets liked and reposted (more than stuff-i-care-about) as when it's someone elses squashed small version of what I'd already offered in HR. \o/
  • deathandthemaiden

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    Meta Month of March, a month-long meta festival. Any sort of meta is accepted - fandom-specific meta, or general discussion about fandom, writing, vidding, etc. You may follow us, sign up, and post on LJ, DW, or both.

    Don't be scared off this time, it's not just essays, analyses and criticism, but any discussion of fannish things (that is, fandom itself and/or the shows, books etc. we are fannish about), which is something we all do or did.