January 7th, 2012


sometimes, rarely but sometimes, rediscovered things are actually better than expected

Hello, blimey, look, another positive/rec post!

Some of you *must* know Lee Mack from his comedy quiz show appearances on WILTY, NMTB and QI; I came to like him in those, too, but don't think of you have. Due to current events *cough* I've just seen his live show from 2007 and Lee was absolutely brilliant, I haven't laughed like that in ages. He is a fucking smart guy, contrary to his image, and he is so fast that it is a pleasure for my brain to follow.

I'm posting the most unflattering photo possible but he is yet *another* UK comedian who looks attractive, some say hot, after his high-jinks. In a Tim Roth way. Most remarkably, IMO, is how he (alone? alone in the UK these days?) manages to appear a man of the people and as such not indie or left, but (at least in this show) is very anti-homophobia and anti-racism. Just so you wouldn't notice? Compare how he asked "oh, is that that tranny" (on the Boosh's own DVD) when it comes to firm audience darling Noel Fielding, also portrayed below - they used to live together (with Julian; they also worked together e.g. in Gas) and it makes absolute sense to me they come from the same place, as different they might seem today. Lee is (very good as) David Mitchell's opponent on WILTY, and David has been my staple of UK comedy for years, and yet I don't think I ever laughed that hard and long at him. Lee seems uncool now?in comparison, and I don't know his other shows but srsly, Lee 2007 is highly recommended.

Lee and Noel at a Soccer Six charity tournament; they also played against the Merlin cast but back then only sweaty Arthur and Lance went viral :)