January 1st, 2012


(no subject)

Since the roaming gangs had been shooting crackers for days, I didn't even notice that it's turning midnight right now, so involved am I still in my forlorn tracking of them - no success to reach the girl who promised me DVDs, or anybody really. At least I can comfort the cat all ni--- btw, sorry for grossness but SHE DID HER BUSINESS IN THE SHAPE OF MY NAME TODAY! My cat **** my name! -i-

Boosh: I have finally and randomly started on fanfic, since there seems nobody able to point me in the right direction. I thought I had found one good writer who doesn't use "the blonde" (sic) and "the smaller man" that suffuses the only community, but of course everything has to be RPS with their wives existing and worst: manipulative, relationship-ruining forced sex masquerading as "straight denial" and I'm so torn, I'll use yet another unwisely imperfect picture to let Ju express my feelings:

I need him - them - it for reasons! And so do you, yes you, look at them!

Boom, there went another year. Hope you have a better one!