October 4th, 2010


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Today was the darkest day of the year so far, and for (probably "harmonic") reasons, I had "Leaving on a Jetplane" in my head as I trickled home.

My version was always sung by a strong, deepish female voice, and yet somehow the most likely version didn't quite fit it - but it had to be by "Peter, Paul and Mary", youtube just isn't a stereo system. The main reason I post the above song though is the fantastic "If I Had a Hammer"!

Mary Travers was pretty fab, and while I don't find her attractive in any other photo, I think she is incredibly beautiful in this black-and-white clip. Beauty from the inside, floating on that voice. Collapse )

The second song that popped into my head is the scarily perfect REM parody homage that "They Might Be Giants" (one of -i-s-always-missed-their-good-old-gigs bands (and another cute "small" man with a big voice)) did late eighties, early nineties, the (surprise) also incredibly melodic make a little Birdcage in your Soul *nod nod nod nodnodnodnod* (repeat)

Collapse )

ETA: "Pushing Up Daisies" version in comments. "Bored to Death" featured the original this week.

ETA-TWO: I'd not listen to Puff or Blowin (now), but I rec Jane, Jane for another really beautiful bit of Mary's singing and P+P's musical talent! 500 Miles et al are great too - they do traditionals well - and the Dylan songs, but I prefer her soaring strongly best (I also only like the two odd ones out from the oeuvre of Blüe Öyster Cult and The Loving Spoonful).