September 3rd, 2010



She just cancelled my 2 weeks leave. On phone. After 6 months of me alone here al day. I had preparfd al! Nw i cant exhbt in our galry nw coz no time t MAKE my art. Nor read Pratchett or see a bit of sky before endless winter.
Decid to leave. but S again force my stay. Cry?

eta. droppd soft bread as tried to read egg content. swore as i fear i m wont to, young man actually picked squashed bread up for me. at door, droppd keys reaching for mail and vice versa. ate bread with mayo. never did that in my life. dont evn ahve mayo in potatosalad. tonight dinner - bread with mayo. it s cheaper than real eggs ...

etateta. wrote third letter to IKEA, shortest yet but then they still claim they dont understand - believe - what happened.
wrote letter to vermeer association asking if there ever was an AQUARIUM though i fear innes only invented it.
wrote application to become ML.