August 14th, 2010


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Tonight I might have had one of my cats' dreams, except I'm not sure they've ever seen a (plump) mouse running across the wall of our room! And then I was brushing hundreds of tiny flies legs from my leg ... *faces*

What does any of this mean? Wittgenstein's Tractatus is more legible (and not that much longer). *massive headache*

Heard this song today, posting it because of the lyrics which is rare for me but they really made me smile, right from the "with a bunch of flours" which immediately conjurs up the poster and also flavours the otherwise by now bland "Morrissey".
"At the Indie Disco" by The Divine Comedy, so obviously they'd experienced it in the 80s but if there are such indie discos now, then all this is retro, which is always *sad* somehow but for a new song it'd have to be about the now. Also the names are not that indie (not that indie any longer exists?) but the "staring at each others shoes" and "freezing on the nightbus" are fantastically apt images from them that might still work? I miss yellowsummer again; M would not even have sneered and S in London move onto the establishment side long ago.

We go down to the indie disco every Thursday night
Dance to our favourite indie hits until the morning light

We’ve got a table in the corner that is always ours
Under the poster of Morrissey with a bunch of flowers
We drink and talk about stupid stuff
Then hit the floor for Tainted Love

Give us some Pixies and some Roses and some Valentines
Give us some Blur, and some Cure, and some Wannadies
And now we’re moving to the beat
And staring at each other’s feet

And when it’s over and I’m freezing on the night bus home
I think of her and I sing the words to my favourite song
She makes my heart beat the same way
As at the start of Blue Monday

Google wanted to offer me the hilarious video but I don't want my mental image spoiled yet in this rare case of the lyrics rather than the music capturing my attention. Another ten hours with Goldfishbowl and I'll watch it, I'm sure.
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